Ventair Skyfan DC Ceiling Fan

Ventair Skyfan Ceiling Fan by Ventair x JD Lighting

Skyfan by Ventair has become the most popular ceiling fan in Australia. The technology in Skyfan ceiling fan are made to outshine any ceiling fans on the market. The unit provide users low running costs, reducing electricity bills and power consumptions, meaning more money saved over a longer period of time. The motor uses little power while producing an impressive strong cooling for any room - indoor or outdoor. 

A unique feature of a Skyfan ceiling fan is the ultra-silent DC motor technology, beneficial to any light sleeper who gets waken by the slightest noise. While it's state of the art aerodynamic blade design create an exceptional level of airflow performance. At a switch of a button, the unit can either circulate cool air in summer and warm air in winter, giving users the opportunity to utilize their ceiling fan all year round. With an app control option, a user can contrrol the Skyfan ceiling fan through a mobile device via bluetooth, giving them the ability to dim and change the light colour temperature and control the speed and timer of the fan during use.


We have a wide range of Ventair Skyfan in all sorts of sizes and colour combination suited for any bedroom, living room or outdoor areas. With over twenty possible combinations, the range includes models with or without a LED light. Certain models comes with a CCT light, giving users a choice of 3000K, 4000K or 6000K colour temperature at a switch of a button. Skyfan ceiling fans ticks all the checkboxes compared to its competitors - stylish, energy efficient, different combination of finishes, bright light, a smart device and with many fantastic features you won't be disappointed. Invest abit more in a best selling ceiling fan for your family today because Skyfan will outlasts any ceiling fans in the market.


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Up To 75% Power Consumption

Friendly to the environment, Ventair Skyfan consumes up to 75% less power compared to other branded ceiling fans on the market. Rest assured with the investment of a Skyfan, households saves money on power bill easily all year round.

Indoor & Covered Outdoor

Skyfan ceiling fans is sleek and stylish that suits all personal styles, it blends perfectly in any indoor or covered outdoor environment setting. Many colour options to choose from including white, or black and the option for timber.

Glass Fibre Composite Blades

Imparting glass fibre composite in the blade enhances the performance and airflow. Not only it added durability to the blades but also decreases the weight of the blade, reducing power comsumptions while maximizing airflow.

Intelligent Energy Saving DC Technology

Skyfan DC motor is equipped with a range of technology that no other DC ceiling fans brands can compete. More energy efficient, more quiter, faster speed and consumes up to 75% less than any other DC ceiling fans out there.

Quick Click Blade Assembly

Ventair Skyfan DC ceiling fan comes with an easy to assemble blades making it a quick hassle free installation. Simply insert the blades into the blade holding slots on the motor housing, slide downward and click into position.

In-Built Anti-Vibration System

Ventair Skyfan is an extremely quiet ceiling fan that has an in-built anti-vibration system, providing stability, noise reduction and isolate any vibration when mounted onto a ceiling. The perfect place to install it is the bedroom.

High Air Flow Capacity

An advanced DC motor combined with glass fibre composite blade produces maximum output of air flow capacity compared to other ceiling fan that is similar. A 36" 3 blade produces 12,500 m³/hr of airflow and has the ability to increase to 19,300 m³/hr for a 60" 3 blade.

6 Speed LCD Multi-Function Remote

Ventair Skyfan comes with a LCD multi-function remote that provides a host of functions including - 6 speed reversible setting, eco mode to save energy and power costs, sleep timer that reduces one speed every thirty minutes until speed one is reached and a 1-12 hour run-on timer.

Summer / Winter Mode

A reversible function in a Ventair Skyfan allow user to select winter mode, pulling the air up circulating warm air around the room, creating a warmer environment in the room. While in summer, the ceiling fan rotate anti-clockwise, pushing cold air down, this create a cooling breeze.

Ultra Quiet Technology

Skyfan DC motor technology combined with the in-built anti-vibration system makes this unit super quiet, an ideal choice for anyone who is a light sleeper. Users commonly installed their Skyfans in the bedrooms.

Eco, Sleep & Timer Functions

The eco mode is the most energy efficient setting. The Skyfan operate at a peak energy efficiency level, usually somewhere between speeds one and two. Sleep mode setting reduces one speed every 30 minutes.

Android & iOS App Control Option

Turn your Skyfan into a smart ceiling fan by adding the DC app control module. This module has the ability to convert the fan to operate via a Android or IOS app. User has the flexibility to control the fan speed and timer via an app.




5 Step Dimmable LED Light

Skyfan with a light model has a built in 5 step dimming function. User has the option to dim the light without complicated dimming device or any extra component needed. It is super easy to dim the light to any intensity by simply clicking the light switch. The fifth click is the maximum light intensity. Each click inreases the intensity by 20%.

Tri-Colour LED Light

Tri-colour is also known as colour changing temperature (CCT) and it is where users can switch between three types of colour temperature ranging from 3000K Warm White, 4000K Cool White and 5000K Daylight. To select the colour temperature, it can be easily selected by using the wall controller or via an app if the DC app control module is connected.




Discovering the right Ventair Skyfan size for your specific room or living space is a breeze with our easy and efficient guidance. Most Ventair Skyfan DC Ceiling Fans offer a variety of speeds, catering to diverse consumer needs and expectations. Simply follow the guide below, and you'll be on the right track.

36" Blade Skyfan DC (900 mm): Perfect for small bedrooms, home offices, nooks, and any area with limited space.

48" & 50" Blade Skyfan DC (1220 mm & 1250 mm): Ideal for small to medium-sized rooms like bedrooms, dining areas, or cozy living spaces.

52" & 56" Blade Skyfan DC (1300 mm & 1400 mm): Exceptional for larger bedrooms, master bedrooms, and general living areas.

60" & 62" Blade Skyfan DC (1500 mm & 1570 mm): Excellent for more expansive open spaces, living areas, and large covered outdoor alfresco areas.



For optimal performance and safety, it is recommended to install the Ventair Skyfan DC at a height where the blades are at least 2.1 meters from the floor. Typically, ceiling fans work best in domestic settings when installed within the range of 2.1 meters to 2.7 meters. If your ceiling height exceeds 3.1 meters, consider using extension rods. For lower ceilings (less than 2.43 meters), a qualified installer can adjust the down-rod length to ensure a minimum clearance of 2.1 meters from the floor to the blades, maintaining both functionality and safety.



The performance differences between a 3, 4, or 5-bladed Ventair Ceiling Fan are minimal, making it more a matter of personal design preference. Both 3 and 4-bladed fans are popular choices. However, it's worth noting that 5-bladed fans typically necessitate a larger motor, leading to higher energy consumption. Ultimately, the decision rests on your aesthetic preferences and energy considerations.