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Solar Lighting Direct

More people are using solar as an alternative option for their outdoor lighting needs. You get away without using cables and wires, this allows you to save on cost for installation and since it uses the sun’s energy, it saves you on power bills. Solar Lighting Direct has many of your solar lighting needs to enhance your garden environment.



Solar Bollard Lights: There are many ways to use solar bollard lights, from ambient lighting to outdoor gardens and path lights for safety and security. When selecting your solar bollard lights, consider the brightness and the operational time. You want something that can last throughout the night especially when it comes to safety.



Solar Step, Deck & In Ground Lights: Light up your patio and deck naturally from the sun with Solar Lighting Direct’s step, deck & in ground lights. They have an operating time of 8-10 hours, with a day and night sensor cleverly integrated into the solar panel. Design with a stainless steel body and with an IP67 weatherproof rating, these solar lights will lasts you for long time.



Solar Garden Lights: Nothing decorative than a solar garden light that comes in variety of options, these includes: - spike lights, festoon lights, in ground lights and pillar mount lights. Using solar spike light is quick and easy, just place the spike into the soil and you good to go. Solar festoon lights and pillar mount lights needs little extra time as it require some screwing and hanging.



Solar Lamps: Very useful on camping trips as it charge during the day from the sun and at night campers use it for light. It also has a secondary charging point using USB port if you have a portable charger. Solar lamps can come in as a lantern or multipurpose clamp light. The multipurpose clamp light is great for BBQs, work bench, caravanning and fishing.



Solar Post Lights: Illuminate parks, gardens and walkways without complex electrical wiring when you use solar post lights. Extremely effective and energy efficient as it uses its own stored rechargeable battery connected to a solar panel. All Solar Lighting Direct post lights comes with IP44 weatherproof rating, 1 year warranty and with 8 to 10 hours operational time.