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Modern, edgy and sophisticated. Black will always remain in style

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Black Style

Black is used in interior design to express a sleek, monochromatic mood. It embodies many qualities including refinement, luxury and mystery. It is used in Western cultures as well as Eastern, and is an important part of the Minimalist style. It works well with materials like timber and leather to create a dramatic contrast with other colours producing a striking effect.

The benefits of using black, are that it makes the space look larger by camouflaging areas as well as giving the sense of depth. It creates a feeling of warmth and sophistication which can be very calming as well as inspiring. Black works well with contrasting textures. Soft fabrics contrasted with shiny metal or warm timber contrasted with concrete creates a rich interior space.

Our range of quality black light fittings and fans are a real treat for spaces using this colour theme. Browse between reflective surfaces to matt finishes to complement your black interior design.