Scangrip is a leading manufacturer of revolutionary professional work lights design to reach greater mileage in brightness, increase in operational time and durability. Scangrip provide professional trades the most comprehensive range of work lights that are suitable to their working environments.

Handheld Work Lights:

Scangrip handheld work lights is designed to be compact and ergonomic for better handling during usage. Some design consists of 180 degree flexible head, allowing you to work in areas that are dark, making it bright and easy to see. Other designs has a longer operating times up to 5 hours and an IP65 weatherproof rating ideally to use for outdoor environment. 



Hands Free Headlamps:


Scangrip headlamps provides professional tradesperson with an exceptional illumination with up to 6 hours hands-free, giving the person more focus concentrating on the task at hand. The difference between Scangrip headlamps to any other out there is how Scangrip provide optimum illumination to an entire working area. It is design to ergonomically fit user’s head comfortably and the band can be easily adjusted.

Pencil Work Lights:
Scangrip’s pencil work lights is a must have for all professional tradesperson. Its slim design allows you to take it anywhere while providing you a powerful illumination in a direction that you want. It features a sturdy rubber surface and durable casing resulting in a comfortable hold during any tasks. Scangrip pencil lights comes with a rechargeable USB cable, saving you the cost of replacement of batteries. .