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Mercator has established itself a reputation for producing decorative lighting of the finest quality. With more than 50 years of industry experience, Mercator is a trusted brand for the latest in decorative and modern residential lighting, including ceiling fans, pendant lights, exterior wall lights, globes, chandelier and many more. One unique feature of Mercator's line of globes and accessories is their stunning carbon filament bulbs, a perfect complement to add a touch of ambiance to any period homes and cafes alike. When it comes to Mercator, there is always a design or colour to suit every home. JD Lighting is proud to carry an almost complete range of Mercator products, which are available for display at our showroom.




Mercator Pendant Lights


Light up your space and create a relaxed ambience environment with Mercator Lighting pendant lights collection. Mercator has a huge selection of pendant style ranging from - single pendants, multi light pendants, linear pendants, crystal & chandlier pendants and to traditional pendants. It comes in a variety shade materials including timber, glass, metal, crystal and concrete/stone. With these options available you can modernise or update your space to suit your décor and budget in Mercator’s huge pendant lights range.

Mercator Lamps 


Bring warmth and comfort to a room or update the look of your space with Mercator Lighting's wide selection of table and floor lamps. Lamp designs have changed over the years, whatever your taste is, Mercator Lighting massive range of stylish table and floor lamps will suit your home surroundings. Different application require different light outputs, be sure to know how to use the light emitted from the lamp before purchasing. 

Mercator Outdoor Lights 


Give your outdoor area and backyard a glamorous look all year round with Mercator's Lighting outdoor range of exterior lights. Their outdoor lights are designed for Australian conditions, making it suitable for every Aussie home. By mixing various lighting styles, it gives your backyard and outdoor area a more exquisite look. Don't limit yourself, experimenting different options you will find the one that perfectly meets your tastes and preferences. Choose from outdoor downlights, garden lights, floodlights, spotlights, wall lights, in-ground lights, deck and step lights, sensor lights and everything in between with a variety of colours and sizes that suit for purpose at an affordable price.

Mercator Ceiling Fans


Mercator Fans' whole range of ceiling fans are a household name with a comprehensive selection of ceiling fans which are well built for Australian climate. Their trendy design of ceiling fans makes it a fantastic addition to your home with some options of colours and sizes to suit your space (indoor or outdoor), tastes and lifestyle.

Mercator Wall Fans


Mounted wall fans provide users with a more directional airflow, Mercator wall fans are created to do just that. Wall mount fans is a great unit to keep a variety of spaces cool without taking up floor space. Many Mercator wall fans have an automatic oscillation feature or pivoting head that can be position to direct air where it needed most. These type of fans are mostly found in gyms, workshops, greenhouses, garages, outdoor venues and outdoor patios as well as industrial spaces.

Mercator Exhaust Fans


Most new homes already have some type of passable exhaust system to extract moisture or unwanted odour out of their home. However unfortunately older homes often have no form of ventilation system to extract moisture and odour, thus may lead to other health problems down the track. Mecator has a wide collection of exhaust fans available to suit any home and people's budget. Mercator exhaust fans can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and any space that require extracting unwanted moisture and odour while preventing mould build up.

Mercator Bathroom Heater


Bathroom heaters comes in two types - 3 in 1 or 2 in 1. 3 in 1 bathroom heater consists of an exhaust, light and built in heat element while a 2 in 1 heater only has a light and heat element. They are commonly known as 3 in 1 exhaust fans or 2 in 1 exhaust fans. Bathroom heaters are popular in modern homes, it added the convenience of having multiple functions from one unit, great for saving space. Enjoy taking a shower throughout winter with Mercator bathroom heater without the oversteaming of using too much hot water.