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HEATSTRIP® outdoor gas and electric heaters are a source of pride for the Australian design, engineering, and supply team as they are exported to global markets. Since 1988, HEATSTRIP® has consistently crafted inventive, stylish, and energy-efficient products. The innovative heating solutions provided by HEATSTRIP® eliminate the need to abandon outdoor spaces or settle for cumbersome and unappealing heaters. Numerous venues across Australia have already embraced the stylish design and impressive performance offered by HEATSTRIP®.




Award-Winning - HEATSTRIP®, known for its exceptional design and innovative products, has garnered widespread acclaim and recognition. One notable achievement came in 2017 when the HEATSTRIP® Portable LPG heater received the prestigious Good Design Australia Selection. This accolade serves as a testament to the heater's outstanding qualities and contribution to the field of design.


Furthermore, in 2013, another remarkable honor was bestowed upon HEATSTRIP®. The HEATSTRIP® Classic, renowned for its exceptional performance and value, was granted the highly coveted Australia Business Award for Product Value. This esteemed recognition underscores the Classic's ability to provide exceptional value to its users and highlights HEATSTRIP®'s commitment to delivering top-tier products.


These accolades demonstrate HEATSTRIP®'s continuous pursuit of excellence in both design and functionality. Through their dedication to creating world-class products, HEATSTRIP® has solidified its position as an industry leader and a symbol of innovation in the heating solutions market.

Global Brand & Reach - HEATSTRIP® products can be found at an extensive network of retailers, independent outdoor living specialists, electrical wholesalers, and state distributors all across Australia. Their product range encompasses a variety of models, including the HEATSTRIP® Classic, Elegance, Max, Intense, Indoor, and upgraded Gas units. These products undergo meticulous design and engineering processes within Australia before being exported to multiple international markets, such as New Zealand, Europe, the USA, South Africa, and Asia.


The company's headquarters are based in Melbourne, Australia, and serve as a central hub for customer service and warehousing operations. From this strategic location, HEATSTRIP® facilitates distribution to various regions worldwide, including Europe, the USA, and New Zealand. This setup ensures efficient access to HEATSTRIP® products and support services on a global scale.

Trusted Name - Renowned architects, designers, consultants, and specifiers from all corners of the globe hold HEATSTRIP® heaters in high esteem, recommending them with confidence. The reason behind this unwavering trust lies in HEATSTRIP®'s reputation for delivering unparalleled quality, exceptional performance, and visually pleasing designs.


The endorsement of HEATSTRIP® by these respected professionals serves as a testament to the brand's exceptional standing and reliability. Architects appreciate how HEATSTRIP® heaters seamlessly blend into various architectural styles while providing optimal heating solutions. Designers value the aesthetic appeal that HEATSTRIP® heaters bring to spaces, enhancing both functionality and visual harmony.




HEATSTRIP Heaters with Remote & App Control


The HEATSTRIP® heaters come with smart connected capabilities, enabling customers to effortlessly adjust the temperature using remote and app control. Whether they are in the same room or away from home, customers can conveniently regulate the heater from their smartphone, eliminating the need to manually make adjustments. This feature enhances comfort and reduces hassle for the users.

Moreover, these heaters offer enhanced safety features that allow users to easily and swiftly turn off the heater if they accidentally leave it on before leaving their house. This additional safety measure provides peace of mind and ensures protection against potential hazards, guaranteeing the responsible and secure use of the Heatstrip.

HEATSTRIP Electric Heaters


The HEATSTRIP® electric heaters are designed to meet a wide range of heating requirements, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you need a portable heater that you can easily move around, a do-it-yourself option for convenient installation, a wall or ceiling-mounted heater for efficient space utilization, or a hard-wired solution for a more permanent setup, the HEATSTRIP® range has you covered. With its diverse selection, you can find the perfect heater that suits your specific needs and preferences.



HEATSTRIP® offers a range of exceptional gas heaters to cater to diverse residential and commercial heating requirements. With the inclusion of an acclaimed portable LPG unit and a top-notch wall-mounted natural gas heater, these heaters deliver outstanding performance and versatility. Whether you need a portable solution for flexible heating or a powerful wall-mounted unit for efficient heating in larger spaces, HEATSTRIP® gas heaters are designed to meet your specific needs. Experience the award-winning quality and reliability of HEATSTRIP LPG and natural gas heaters, providing optimal comfort and warmth for both residential and commercial settings.