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These lights effortlessly perk up your morning routine with a chic vibe and add a dash of brightness to your bathroom experience.

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When faced with many options for bathroom wall lighting, selecting the perfect one can be a daunting task. So, how do you go about finding the ideal wall light for your bathroom? Here are some key considerations to help you make a decision:


Purpose: Begin by identifying the purpose behind your purchase. Assess your requirements, outline your design and décor preferences, and determine the specific type of wall lighting that suits your needs.


Size: Take note of essential dimensions such as width, depth, height, and weight when evaluating the wall lighting fixtures you're interested in. Choose a size that fits your bathroom space and provides adequate light coverage.


Placement: Consider how the placement of the bathroom wall light will impact the overall style, lighting scheme, and design harmony of your bathroom. Look for fixtures with an IP44 rating or higher to ensure protection against splashes.


Colours: Select bathroom wall lights that complement your existing colour palette. Our collection offers a variety of colours, including black, white, grey, brass, and copper, to match your bathroom's aesthetic.


Brightness: The brightness of your bathroom wall lights is a crucial factor to consider based on your specific requirements. Ample lighting is essential for tasks performed in front of the vanity mirror, ensuring no details go unnoticed. Opt for fixtures with higher lumen output and consider installing dimmable fixtures with individual switches for adjustable light levels.


Lighting Functions


Task Lighting: Essential for focused activities such as makeup application or shaving. Wall lights positioned alongside a mirror provide ideal illumination for these tasks.


Ambient Lighting: Offers a comfortable level of brightness that enhances visibility and promotes safe movement within the bathroom, without causing glare.


Accent Lighting: Creates visual interest and adds a touch of drama to the overall ambiance of your bathroom space.


Installation Options: While some bathroom wall lights are straightforward to install, others may require a more intricate assembly process. Although you'll receive a comprehensive user manual or installation guide from the manufacturer or seller, it is advisable to seek assistance from a lighting professional, such as a qualified electrician, to ensure proper installation.




Safety regulations govern the installation of wall light fittings near water sources. By following simple guidelines like bathroom zoning, you can rest assured. Each zone within the bathroom has its specific IP rating requirement for suitable lighting. The IP rating starts at IP44 and higher, as anything below it is unsuitable for bathroom use. Refer to this handy guide for the necessary IP ratings in different zones:


Zone 0 - This pertains to lights fully submerged in water, such as those inside a bath or on a wetroom floor. Lights in this zone require an IP67 rating.


Zone 1 - These lights are positioned directly above your bath or shower. It is advisable to have an IP67 rating for lights in this zone.


Zone 2 - This is the most common lighting requirement for home bathrooms. It covers the perimeters of Zone 1 and includes the radius of your sink. Lighting in this zone should have an IP44 rating.


Zone 3 - Any area beyond the aforementioned zones, where water splash is not present, falls into Zone 3. Even in this zone, we recommend using IP44 rated lights to ensure safety.




Yes! The availability of dimming options for bathroom wall lights may vary depending on the specific light fixture you choose. Some models come equipped with built-in dimmers, allowing you to directly adjust the brightness on the fixture itself. Others may necessitate the installation of a separate dimmer switch in your electrical system.


It's worth noting that not all types of light bulbs are compatible with dimmers. To ensure compatibility, it's important to select dimmable light bulbs explicitly designed for use with dimmer switches. Additionally, it is advisable to check the specifications provided by the manufacturer and consult the accompanying instructions to confirm compatibility with dimming functionality.


By utilizing the dimming feature of bathroom wall lights, you can effortlessly create a soothing and relaxing ambiance for a leisurely bath, or increase the brightness when engaging in tasks that require more illumination, such as applying makeup or shaving. The ability to dim the lights provides you with flexibility and control over the lighting in your bathroom, allowing for a customized experience.