Step, Deck & Inground Lights

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Step, Deck & In Ground Lights

Buying step lights, deck or in ground lights require some consideration as there are many types available which can be very confusing. These type of lights are not used enough as it isn’t very common in outdoor lighting. When these lights installed correctly and in the right location, it enhance the application and provide guidance for walking. Here we further outline the important factors to look for when purchasing these type of lights:


  • Recessed or Surface Mounted – Depending on the application and location, surface mounted lights is necessary due to space restriction. This means you avoid cutting any holes which is an advantage but it can stick out. Whereas recessed lights, looks a lot neater since the plate sits flushed in with the walls or floors.

  • Built in LED or Replaceable Globe – A cost effective and environmentally friendly way is to have a replaceable globe for any of your lighting needs. Some lighting fixtures allow you to have replaceable globes where as others are built in. The downside of having replaceable globe is the technology being used isn’t adapted to modern times. Built in LED lighting fixtures built to perform exceptionally and energy efficient for today’s modern fast life living.

  • IP Rating – Whether indoor or outdoor application, an IP Rating indicates what environment is suitable for the step lights, deck lights and in ground lights. With an IP20 rating and lower, it is design for indoor use. IP Rating of 44 or 54 is properly sealed and suitable for areas that has moisture such as outdoor undercover alfresco or balcony. If it is use in areas that prone to water and dust, the best option is to select an IP65 or IP67 rating. Ideally IP65 or IP67 rating is a quality lighting fixture for step lights, deck lights and in ground lights.

  • Colour Temperature – For a calming mood colour, 3000K warm white light is a good choice for outdoor applications, suitable for stairs, walkways, decks and driveways. Cool white 4000K and above are suited in application where safety is a concern and in areas where you need to see to perform a tasks.

  • Material – It’s important that the material use for your outdoor application is suitable to the environment that you are in. Properties that are close to the ocean/beach usually have salty atmosphere which can cause damage to your existing lights. This is why it is vital to purchase the right material 316 marine grade stainless steel, solid copper or brass light fittings to safe guard from corrosion. Otherwise you will be constantly will be replacing within a few years. However if you live outside these locations, opting for a standard 304 stainless steel or aluminium light fixtures can do the job without much of damage in corrosion.


LED Step Lights: Most exterior lighting fixtures can be apply to illuminate at knee and foot level, however some designs are made to specifically light external stairs. There are different types of step lights available for use, below are further descriptions of these lighting fixtures:

  • Riser Lights – A flush mounted step light position centre on the riser commonly on a stair, providing easy stairway navigation and blends in with the background material.

  • Under Tread Lights – As the name suggest, the step lights mounts underneath the overlap stair tread, providing discreet downward direct light to the step below.

  • Recessed Wall Fixtures – Mounted on adjoining wall, this recessed lights, illuminate sideways across the steps, providing light for safe stepping.

  • Pathway Lights – If on each side of the steps has greenery, pathway lights is an ideal option to emit light directly downwards.

LED Deck Lights: Bring some life to your outdoor living areas such as decks, balcony or alfresco with deck lighting. It brightens the deck creating a safe and stylish structure for everyone to enjoy throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. With a wide collection available, selecting the right design is important, as it can make or break the way your outdoor area look. Below are some guidelines the type of lights you can install:

  • Post Cap Lights – Perfect for decks that has railings and square posts. You placed the light cap fixture on the square post giving it an eye-catching design throughout the day and while at night provide a lovely ambient lighting.

  • Side Mount Lights – Bring some soft illumination down your railing and posts with this type of light fixture. It will make a statement by highlighting certain part of your deck. An ideal way to add extra lighting to any railing.

  • Under Rail Lights – A perfect way to light up your deck and outdoor cooking area when space is limited. Low profile design, under rail lights get tucked away allowing you to highlight your outdoor railing throughout the night without taking focus away from the deck.

LED In Ground Lights: As the name suggest, the light fixtures are placed in-ground where lighting is required, such as your garden, pathways, public carparks, driveways or building entrances. In ground lights a design to be with a high IP67 rating and IK rating to withstand outdoor element such as rain and impact.

Why Choose Step, Deck & In Ground Lights

Step, deck lighting and in ground lights are a great way to create ambient lighting for your deck and garden. These fittings are fully weatherproofed and use top quality LED technology. If you are up for some DIY, our DIY LED Deck Light Kits can be easily installed yourself without the need for an electrician.