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Festoon lights are a great way to introduce soft, ambient lighting to your outdoor area.

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EGLO, originally established as EGLO Leuchten in Austria in 1969, has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its presence to nearly 70 markets worldwide, including Australia. While its origins lie in traditional halogen lighting, the company has made a notable commitment to sustainability, integrating energy-efficient LED lighting solutions throughout its extensive product portfolio.


EGLO stands out for its extensive range of lighting options, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Widely recognized as pioneers in the lighting and air movement industry, the brand has gained acclaim for its contemporary and chic ceiling fan lights, which seamlessly combine functionality with modern design. Moreover, EGLO offers an impressive assortment of downlights, pendants, wall lights, and lamps, catering to a wide spectrum of lighting requirements and decorative styles.




Comprehensive Selection 


Over the course of the previous year, Eglo has demonstrated its commitment to innovation by developing an impressive portfolio of over 900 new products. As a result, their current global product range has expanded significantly, encompassing approximately 4,000 distinct articles. This extensive assortment ensures that customers have a wide array of choices to meet their lighting needs and preferences.


Every single day, Eglo's production facilities are in full swing, churning out an impressive volume of 80,000 products. These meticulously crafted lighting solutions embark on a global journey, reaching customers in various corners of the world. From bustling cities to remote towns, Eglo's products make their way into countless homes, offices, and public spaces, illuminating and enhancing the ambiance of diverse environments.

Quality Guarantee


Eglo sets incredibly high standards for the quality of its products, prioritizing excellence throughout every stage of development and production. From the initial concept and design phases to the meticulous production process, every step is carefully executed with a focus on delivering exceptional results.


With an unwavering commitment to quality, Eglo ensures that each product reflects their dedication to excellence. Stringent measures are implemented throughout the development and production stages to maintain the highest standards. Through rigorous testing, thorough quality control protocols, and continuous improvement initiatives, Eglo guarantees that their products meet or exceed customer expectations.

Environmental Focus


In today's world, the importance of sustainability resonates with individuals and communities alike. Recognizing this shared concern, Eglo has taken a leading position in the realm of lighting and air movement technology. Through their innovative solutions, Eglo not only addresses the need for energy efficiency but also places a strong emphasis on resource conservation and cost reduction.


Eglo's commitment to sustainability is evident in their extensive range of energy-saving products. By incorporating advanced technologies and designs, Eglo's lighting and air movement solutions optimize energy consumption without compromising on performance or aesthetics. These eco-conscious solutions not only help individuals and businesses reduce their electricity costs but also contribute to a greener future by minimizing environmental impact.


One of the remarkable advantages of Eglo's products lies in their long lifespan. By engineering lighting and air movement solutions that are built to last, Eglo ensures that valuable resources are conserved. Longer-lasting products result in fewer replacements, reducing waste and minimizing the overall environmental footprint. This sustainable approach aligns with Eglo's mission to provide high-quality, durable products that customers can rely on for years to come.




Eglo Interior Lighting


Eglo has a large, diverse, and captivating product line to cater to customers' interior lighting needs. Customers can explore an extensive range of options that encompass ceiling lights, chandeliers, and pendant lights, enabling them to create an enchanting ambiance and focal point within their living spaces. Additionally, Eglo offers a variety of table and floor lamps, providing both functional and decorative lighting solutions to enhance the atmosphere of any room.


To further enhance the interior lighting experience, Eglo provides an assortment of indoor wall lights that effortlessly blend style and functionality. These elegant additions to any interior decor illuminate walls and create an inviting and cozy environment. The product line also includes downlights and spotlights, offering focused and adjustable lighting options to highlight specific areas or objects in a room.


Recognizing the importance of vanity lighting in bathrooms and dressing areas, Eglo offers a selection of vanity lights. These fixtures combine practicality and aesthetics, ensuring optimal lighting for grooming and personal care routines while adding a touch of sophistication to the space.

Eglo's product line in the interior lighting category reflects the brand's commitment to providing a comprehensive range of options to suit various design preferences and lighting requirements. With their dedication to quality and innovation, Eglo continues to offer exceptional lighting solutions that transform interiors into inviting and visually captivating spaces.


Eglo Exterior Lighting


Eglo offers an array of outdoor wall lights, meticulously crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the exterior walls while providing functional illumination for outdoor areas.


In addition to outdoor wall lights, Eglo presents a selection of spotlights and floodlights. These powerful lighting fixtures are designed to offer focused and wide-ranging illumination, making them ideal for highlighting architectural features, landscaping elements, or providing security lighting. The spotlights and floodlights offered by Eglo are built to withstand outdoor conditions, ensuring durability and longevity.


Eglo's product line in the exterior lighting category showcases the brand's commitment to delivering high-quality and visually appealing lighting solutions for outdoor spaces. With their focus on both design and functionality, Eglo enables customers to transform their outdoor areas into well-lit and inviting environments while adding an extra layer of safety and security.


Eglo Air Movement


Eglo provides a diverse range of ceiling fans that have been carefully designed to deliver optimal airflow and create a soothing atmosphere in various indoor spaces. With a variety of designs and sizes available, customers have the freedom to select a ceiling fan that not only complements their interior decor but also ensures efficient air circulation throughout the room.


In addition to ceiling fans, Eglo offers exhaust fans that are specifically engineered to enhance air quality and ventilation in enclosed areas. These exhaust fans effectively eliminate excess moisture, unpleasant odors, and airborne pollutants, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable environment.


For bathrooms, Eglo presents the convenience of 3-in-1 bathroom exhaust fans, which integrate ventilation, lighting, and heating functionalities into a single unit. These versatile bathroom exhaust fans not only facilitate efficient air movement but also provide illumination and warmth, creating a cozy and well-ventilated bathroom space.





Festoon lights are an ideal lighting fixture for changing moods as it brings warmth to any indoor and outdoor space. It’s multipurpose design and versatility gives anyone the opportunity to enhance their home’s attractiveness or sentimental feel to a commercial environment. Homeowners can easily DIY festoon lights without the need for an electrician as they can insert the plug into a wall socket. Festoon lights has the heavy duty characteristic made to last in commercial fitouts that can endure harsh weather.  


Two styles available you can choose from:


- Flush Festoon Lights: As the name suggest its located flush against the festoon light cabling. It does not hang down. Wherever the cable is position, the lights are also placed in that position. Highly suitable for lining edges of signage, billboards and deck roof.

- Hanging Festoon Lights: This style is very straight forward and simple design, the bulbs dangles from a small cable, this small cable is connected to a main cable cord. This main cable cord comes in various lengths and has a plug that connects to a wall socket.




The most convenient thing about festoon lights is that they can be placed anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. For indoor use, festoon lights can provide a warm, atmospheric glow in the family living room or staircase. As for outdoor use, they are focused on safety, weatherproof, have a high IP rating, and are easy to install for DIY enthusiasts while being maintenance-free. With a high IP rating, festoon lights are protected from solids like dust and liquids like water. This is why these lights are commonly used in breweries, pubs, cafes, music festivals, and city alleyways.




Festoon lights is such a great choice as it brings out a welcoming intimate atmosphere, where to use these lights is up to your imagination.  Here we’ll explain when to use them:


- Outdoor Garden Parties: House garden parties is where you will find these festoon lights ranging from birthday party, Christmas party and social catch up drinks with family and friends on a summer night.


- Weddings: It is the most important day for couple to tie the knot, festoon lights makes your wedding memorable as it provide an intimate setting that brings people together. Wedding in a backyard, farm, golf club or a church, you won’t be disappointed by a lit festoon light.  


- Festivals: Music and food festivals are more common these days and they both use festoon lighting to lit up and create an ambient atmosphere for guests and patrons. Choose festoon lights today and light up your concerts, pop up breweries and street parties.


- Events: Many corporate functions, council events and retail stores opening nights can be amplified with festoon lights creating an electrifying memorable moment.  It is quick and easy to install and easily packed away, saving your staff countless hours of work.




Festoon lights are very focus on safety, durability and practicality. Selecting the right bulbs for festoon lights is just important than anything. The right bulb for the right occasion can make a difference in the atmosphere. There three types of bulbs to choose from and they are:


- Carbon Filament: This type are commonly used for decorative and ambiance setting which brings out a nostalgic feeling. The classic warm glow will set the welcoming mood in your backyard or wedding. Different shaped filaments available for an added decorative taste. The downside with this bulb, it has a short life-span.


- LED Bulbs: LEDs are common in lighting application where energy efficiency and longer life-span are the priority. They last much longer than any type of bulbs available on the market. The downside with LEDs, it won’t create that warm and intimate feeling environment. It can feel generic.


- Coloured Bulbs: Very popular amongst Australian backyards. Generally use in summer for parties, Christmas gatherings and outdoor music festivals.




Festoon lights, also known as string lights, are a popular type of outdoor lighting that can add a warm and inviting atmosphere to any space. They typically consist of a series of bulbs that are strung along a wire or cable, with each bulb spaced evenly apart. Festoon lights come in a variety of different designs, with each design offering its own unique look and feel. The three common festoon light shape designs are teardrop, round, and small round.


- Teardrop: Shape of a teardrop. The base is narrow and wider at the end. Closest look to a classic bulb that can be use with festoon lights.


- Round: A classic shape designed with the same look of an Edison bulb back in the late 1800s, a perfect complement to festoon lighting.


- Small Round: A small bulb with minimal design that is popular on festoon lights and it is use to imitate a soft glow.




Here, we will provide you with a list of factors to consider before making your purchase:


- Purpose: The first thing to consider is the purpose of the festoon lighting. Is it for outdoor or indoor use? Is it for decorative purposes or to provide illumination?


- Length: The length of the festoon lighting is also an important consideration. Measure the area where you plan to install the lights and choose a length that fits.


- Bulb Type: Festoon lights come in various bulb types, including LED, incandescent, and filament. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and have a long lifespan, while incandescent bulbs have a warm and cozy feel. Filament bulbs are also energy-efficient and have a vintage look.


- Bulb Spacing: The distance between the bulbs on the string is important to consider. A closer bulb spacing will provide more light, while a farther spacing will give a more subtle effect.


- Waterproof Rating: If you plan to use the festoon lights outdoors, make sure they have a waterproof rating. Look for lights with an IP44 rating, which means they can withstand splashes of water.


- Colour: Festoon lights come in different colors, including white, warm white, and multi-color. Choose a color that complements the theme of your event or space.


- Material: The material of the festoon lights should be durable and resistant to wear and tear. Look for lights with sturdy cables and bulbs that are securely attached.


- Power Source: Festoon lights can be powered by electricity or battery. If you plan to use them outdoors, consider battery-powered lights to avoid the need for electrical outlets.


- Accessories: Look for festoon lighting accessories such as extension cords, dimmers, and timers to customize your lighting setup.


- Price: Festoon lighting can range in price depending on the quality, length, and features. Set a budget and choose lights that fit within it.