Heatstrip Intense Off White 3200W Infrared Outdoor Electric Heater - THY3200W

Item code : THY3200W

Heatstrip Intense Off White 3200W Infrared Outdoor Electric Heater - THY3200W

Item code : THY3200W

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NEW “off-white” colour to easily blend with a white ceiling. The HEATSTRIP® Intense wall/ceiling mounted electric infra-red heater is a modern and attractive outdoor heating solution. With a carbon filament element infra-red heating element this slimline heater provides high-performance instant heat. The high-temperature output of the HEATSTRIP® Intense is perfect for exposed outdoor sites, high ceilings and hard to heat indoor and outdoor applications. With black and white models available, this heater can blend into a white ceiling, or be a feature to any outdoor area.

Indoor Protected Outdoor Enclosed Outdoor Exposed
Heating Area 21m² 13m² 8m²

Selection Guide

In most outdoor or difficult-to-heat indoor applications, there are 2 methods when looking at the size and quantity of heaters required. Option 1 is to comfort heat the entire area based on the total dimensions of the space, regardless of whether the entire area is being fully occupied or not. Option 2 is to spot heat the high use areas, such as over outdoor tables, BBQ’s, lounges, assembly lines or indoor work-stations. Often it is more practical and efficient to spot heat these areas. Spot heating will help to reduce the initial capital cost, as well as the on-going running costs. Spot heating will allow the area to be “zoned”, meaning heating only the areas that are being used, such as tables in a restaurant or outdoor alfresco area. The diagram shows how HEATSTRIP® Intense is recommended to be used directly over a table, while the bottom diagram indicates how to spot heat a large area.

Key Features

  • Off-white colour
  • Ideal for undercover protected and semi-exposed outdoor locations
  • Easy DIY installation with Flex & Plug
  • High quality construction with a new hexagonal grille
  • Carbon filament infra-red heating element provides high performance instant heat
  • Hardwired model
  • 2 Year Residential Warranty & 1 Year Commercial Warranty

Mounting Height

  • Minimum mounting height (including flush mount) 2.1m
  • Ideal mounting height (including flush mount) 2.2m – 2.5m
  • Maximum mounting height (including flush mount) 2.8m

The mounting height of the electric heater can have a significant impact on performance. For mounting heights higher than the ideal range, we recommend the use of wires/chains or optional extension poles to reduce the height and ensure the heater is within the ideal range. Heater performance may be affected if outside this range.

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Product Code THY3200W
Brand Heatstrip
Heat Type Infrared
Wattage 3200W
IP Rating IPX5 - Suitable Above Shower
Colour White
Overall Width / Diameter 1270mm
Height 90mm
Depth 120mm
Warranty 2 Year Residential Warranty & 1 Year Commercial Warranty