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Hollywood Lights

Install a Hollywood mirror in your dressing or vanity area and use it to check your appearance, perfectly apply makeup and do your hair. This mirror not only assist you to glam yourself up, it also boost the appearance of your space or vanity area. The core feature of a Hollywood mirror is the lights themselves. It comes in with light bulbs, other designs comes in a flat LED mirror light built in keeping flushed with the mirror. The light brighten up your face giving you a view of every details of your face. The difference with the light bulb version and LED flushed design, with the light bulb you have the flexibility to replace it. Below are some guidelines when comes to buying a Hollywood mirror light:

Mirror Size

Just like any other lighted mirrors, Hollywood mirror lights comes in assorted sizes to give you the option to choose from. Make sure to pick the right size to match with the area. Overly too big can make the room out of proportion with the mirror light. Hollywood mirror light needs to be big enough to see your whole face but also to have clear view of our upper part of your body.


Frame Material

Another aspect to consider is the frame surrounding the mirror. The material of the frame plays an important role, keeping the mirror safe, intact and aesthetic pleasing to the eye. There are many types of material it can come in, these includes metal, wood or plastic frame. The common choice is metal like aluminium or chromium due to its modern look and durability. Wood and plastic frames are not as high quality compared to metal and are not aesthetically pleasing. Over a period of time, the heat of the lights can deteriorate the wooden or plastic frame making it look unpleasant. 


The brightness of the bulb is an important consideration. Without the right brightness, it can be hard to see any missed spots when applying makeup. Brightness is measured in Lumen, short abbreviation is LM. Expert recommends for a vanity light, the brightness needs to be in between 1000LM to 1500LM. With a higher lumen, the light bulb produce a brighter intensity glow. Be careful not to install any bulb over 1500LM, this is extremely bright and potentially hurt your vision.

Colour Temperature

There are a range of colour temperature to choose from including warm yellow to soft white, natural white and daylight. Each colour temperature produces a different glow, pick the one that best suit your requirement. To bring more options to your choice, make sure the Hollywood mirror lights selected gives you the ability to change the colour temperature, this way it gives freedom to pick the right light for your makeup.