ABS Ceiling Fans

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ABS Ceiling Fans

The first fan ever invented was in India during the 17th century, made from palm fronds or cloths and it is hand operated by servants. Since the invention of the motor, motor operated fans were born, giving users flexibility and convenience. Since then there are different variation and style of fans and ceiling fans available on the market. ABS fans are the most common movers, popular in its rights due to great features like – quiet, durable and rust free blades.  ABS basically means they are all plastics, giving users a peace of mind that it is rust free. Due to its popularity it has a lists of extensive design make and model to suit your budget and tastes. Below we will discussing on more about ABS ceiling fans and their advantages and disadvantages.




What are ABS Ceiling Fans


The term ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and most commonly used in ceiling fans blades since the ABS is easily shapeable. Basically it is premium type of thermoplastic. ABS allows a unique and precise profiles giving maximum airflow while maintaining stylish aesthetic. In comparison ABS fan blades brings stronger airflow compared to any popular metal-blade ceiling fans.




The Benefits of ABS Ceiling Fans


Finding an appliances that doesn’t require much maintenance can be a bit of a stretch because most of them do require lots of maintenance for optimum performance. Since the improvement of technology in making ceiling fans in ABS, now it is a dream come true, less maintenance isn’t an issue. Below we are some the benefits of having a ABS ceiling fans:


(a) The ABS fan blades are super lightweight compared to a metal blade resulting in lower cost in transportation.

(b) No more scrubbing rust stains off your ceiling fans and blades.

(c) Ideal for properties near the coastal areas where moisture in the atmosphere contains salt which is a big issue as it causes rusts.

(d) Available in all assorted colours and designs including a timber look.

(e) Great performance in airflow throughout your home.




Choose The Right Ceiling Fans For Any Space


Selecting the right ceiling fan fit for purpose is depends on your personal preferences and the environment that you are in. You are in good hands when choosing ABS ceiling fans as its high performing, low maintenance and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With ABS, the material can withstand coastal weather and prevent any rusts throughout the fan and blades.