12V Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

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12V Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

The increase in purchases of low voltage outdoor lighting is that, it allows people to DIY their own project. Since it’s a low voltage lighting for outdoor application, it’s safe for use and installation without an electrician. Low voltage outdoor lighting can be used in applications like pathways, steps and dark areas where lighting is needed. Below we will discussed more on low voltage outdoor lighting for any DIY project:    

Bollard Lights:  

Any classic or modern homes can do with some bollard lights as it is an outdoor lighting that are used to brighten landscapes. Bollard lights provides visibility and style, illuminating walkways and landscape areas. Now it is easier than ever to do it yourself with our low voltage bollard lights. By the end of it all, you got yourself a well laid out light distribution for your garden.




Choose low voltage downlights as it provides a crisper whiter light, longer lasting and safer to use since the wattage output is low. Low voltage downlights consumes energy at 12 volts rather than the main voltage of 240 volts. These downlights are energy efficient and cost effective in providing sufficient lighting to the entire room.


Step Deck & In Ground Lights:

Bring more guests to your outdoor living spaces with the use of low voltage deck lighting from step deck lights to in-ground lights. 12 volts low voltage step deck and in-ground lights are commonly used for modern outdoor lighting as these systems are much easier to install with minimum risk of shock and the cables doesn’t need to be buried. Since LED technology significantly improved for the last few years, there are a greater range of options and applications available.



Garden Lights:

Over the years garden lights have become more stylish and reliable since of their introduction many years ago. Low voltage garden lights comes in two types – halogen and LED. Now it has the flexibility to be dimmed and change colours to match your garden décor. More costs involved with low voltage LED garden lights, however the longer term advantages exceeds this drawback.



Light Globes:

With the external 12 volt low voltage light globe, it comes in two types, halogen and LED. Halogen light globes consists of a compact tungsten filament and produce instant light with no light up time. LED are the most energy efficient technology to date due to its cost saving factor and robust in design making it last longer ranging between 15,000 to 25,000 hours.