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For over fifty years, Martec® has emerged as a leading supplier of cooling, lighting, heating, and exhaust products in Australia. Throughout its history, Martec has consistently emphasized the delivery of top-tier, competitively priced solutions that meet the diverse requirements of its customers.


Martec's steadfast dedication to continuous advancement positions them as pioneers in innovation and design. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, Martec® proudly showcases an impressive and diverse range of energy-efficient products that not only provide substantial cost savings but also evoke excitement. These offerings cater to a wide array of applications and adapt to various lifestyles, ensuring a seamless fit for every customer.




Martec Cooling


At Martec® Cooling, you'll find a diverse collection of AC and DC ceiling fans along with a variety of accessories that cater to various needs. Our range of Martec® ceiling fans includes different colours and sizes, offering the flexibility of adjusting the colour temperature and dimming settings for fans equipped with LED lights. Not only are our Martec® ceiling fans highly efficient and noiseless, but they also come with a summer/winter mode option, ensuring year-round comfort. Additionally, we offer a selection of ceiling fan accessories, such as lights, downrods, and remote controls with timers. Rest assured, we have the perfect solution to meet your requirements and elevate your lifestyle.

Martec Lighting


At Martec® Lighting, you'll find a wide selection of LED products, ranging from downlights and surface-mounted fixtures to exterior lighting. Our Martec downlights and surface-mounted products offer the convenience of switchable colour temperature and dimming functionality, which can be easily controlled using Martec® dimmers. When it comes to outdoor lighting, we provide options with different ingress protection ratings, ensuring durability and reliability. Additionally, our outdoor lighting fixtures are equipped with built-in motion sensors, enhancing security and safety in various outdoor applications. Whether you have a small-scale or large-scale project, Martec® Lighting has the solutions to meet your specific budget and requirements.

Martec Heating


Martec Heating provide an extensive selection of bathroom heaters and accessories that are tailored to accommodate different bathroom sizes and requirements. Our range of Martec® bathroom heaters encompasses a wide variety, starting from basic single heat lamp units to sleek and compact 3-in-1 heaters with an attractive design. These heaters offer instant heat and can be customized with 1, 2, or 4 heat lamps, and even tricolour LED lights. With a range of IPX ratings and colour finishes to choose from, our heaters seamlessly integrate with any design scheme and harmonize with the overall ambiance of your home.

Martec Exhaust

Martec® Exhaust provides a diverse selection of exhaust fans designed to meet the needs of different bathroom sizes and other applications. Our Martec exhaust fans offer a range of sizes, IPX ratings, and shapes, and even include the option for tricolour LED lights. With high-performance ball bearing motors and advanced blade designs, Martec exhaust fans deliver exceptional air extraction while operating quietly. Furthermore, they are designed to facilitate easy installation with the inclusion of flex and plug, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.